Ry Reynoldz –
This is one of the first photos I took of my long life friend. We’ve known each other since diapers, literally! I’ve always been deeply indulged in the arts. It has been a part of my make up since I first picked up a pencil to make my first sketch. Since then, I’ve touched every aspect from Music (production & vocals), to visual arts, paint n pencil, To photography and beyond. We would make music in the closet, basement or even open room for the love of it. Finally I realized although all of those aspects of Art are well installed inside of me, I picked up a camera and now is my #1 tool. Ive made mock EP covers to simple shoots that usually happened on the fly. Reynoldz has always stuck to the music and has made some beautiful songs to vibe to. My next few will be just a few of the photos I’ve taken of Reynoldz.
Love the shit that you do and beleive in it.
Brampton to Sauga!!

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