These are some of my old pieces I shot mostly in 2013. The Image in the lower centre as well as the one to the left of that were taken in Jamaica ’12. I was there with my pops for a week, he stayed for a month, and we were driving from St. Thomas to Ochi and right after I made the long turn on the country road I noticed that view and I pulled over to wait for traffic to clear. Ran into the road and captured 3 images at different heights. This was the one that stood out. All of the others were taken in Toronto and Mississauga areas. The 2 on the right…from the winter ice storm we had in the GTA in 2013, I believe. Everything was frozen.


Ry Reynoldz –
This is one of the first photos I took of my long life friend. We’ve known each other since diapers, literally! I’ve always been deeply indulged in the arts. It has been a part of my make up since I first picked up a pencil to make my first sketch. Since then, I’ve touched every aspect from Music (production & vocals), to visual arts, paint n pencil, To photography and beyond. We would make music in the closet, basement or even open room for the love of it. Finally I realized although all of those aspects of Art are well installed inside of me, I picked up a camera and now is my #1 tool. Ive made mock EP covers to simple shoots that usually happened on the fly. Reynoldz has always stuck to the music and has made some beautiful songs to vibe to. My next few will be just a few of the photos I’ve taken of Reynoldz.
Love the shit that you do and beleive in it.
Brampton to Sauga!!


Few years ago (2011) a good friend and I started an urban based streetwear brand. This was our first shoot ever and my first time really testing the camera. Man we were sooo excited. All we had so far were them tee’s, a canon rebel xs and an external overhead flash. Before I knew anything about lighting patterns or composition. We were all running off of pure inspiration. This started a lot for a lot of us…